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With Love from the Pure Senzes and Young Living Community


Pure Senzes

We are here for you! 


I started using Young Living essential oils in July 2013 and saw the amazing benefits they brought to my family. Because of my wellness background I am no stranger to essential oils  but I have never seen anything as superior and pure quality from any other companies on the market. 


My children started noticing the difference.  They did not have the usual seasonal sniffles and symptom associated with such. We began to experience many small wins then followed by my own huge win; getting off injecting insulin and balancing my sugar levels. Along with healthy diet, exercising, stress management and essential oils infused products, we knew that this is the way we want to live our lives.



I started talking about them, just like anything else I love. I am an introvert by nature, but when I’m sharing my passion, I can talk non-stop. At first, I thought no one would pay attention because it is just another day with good sleep, just another day I can live with no pain, and just another day I don’t have panic attacks. What started as me sharing something I loved in July 2013 turned into a community of 106 people by January 2014. In February, I reached the rank of Silver. This simply means my passion and love for essential oils has just reached 133 families across the globe. I decided it is time to look into growing this opportunity seriously since it is something I’m truly passionate about it.


In November 2014, we reached the rank of Gold with 644 families, and a year later in November 2015, Pure Senzes became a Platinum team with Young Living.


The best part? Our Pure Senzes tribe continues to grow, and today we lead a team of more than 2,000+ people.  This community is a place where true kindness meets wellness, which means more than 2,000 families whose lives have changed for the better. 


Along with wellness and community, we connect and align ourselves deeply with Young Living’s mission of wellness, purpose and abundance. At Pure Senzes we are strongly committed to education and scientific studies. We don’t just share oils because they smell good. In fact, some oils do not smell good… but we share the science and we educate our members with many tools, techniques and modalities to support ourselves and our families towards on the journey of wellness.


We respect that we are each individuals with our unique backgrounds, genetic blueprints, lifestyles, cultural and religious beliefs. We understand that we come from all walks of life and have had different experiences along the way but our common bond is that we all deserve the opportunity to live abundant and fulfilling lives. It is in this space that you can come as you are with no judgement as we are all in this together to learn and grow. This is where Kindness meets Wellness.


We would love to have you join us.


Jasmine Phong- Bourdeau




Michelle L.

Since becoming a member of Pure Senzes I’ve come such a long way in every aspect of my life. I feel like I’ve grown leaps and bounds. I’ve gained so much more knowledge about Young Living’s amazing product line and how I can incorporate it into my daily life. I’ve developed friendships with wonderful people that will last a lifetime. I’ve also finally found my voice. I’ve learned how to share the Young Living lifestyle the right way and how to build a business. I’ve also become a part of a loving and welcoming community that is continually evolving and growing. I’m so excited for what the future holds for the Pure Senzes team.  

Sarah S.

I love being a part of the Pure Senzes community. Not only do we celebrate each other’s successes, we have access to information via our very own website and app where we can find exhaustive research available at our fingertips to support us in our wellness journey. If I’m not able to find the information I’m looking for, I know our community is there to help answer any of my questions. Even though I haven’t been a member for very long I truly feel like I’ve found an amazing group of wonderful friends who are always willing to help and cheer me on towards success and I’m so grateful to be on this journey with them!

Jennifer RG.

Pure Senzes community has become so much more than I could ever imagine.

A friend introduced me to Young Living. Young Living introduced me to a new world of possibility, health, transition and a continuous community of learning. These two opportunities merged together to give me more than I could have imagined - a community of like-minded, energetic, creative, beautiful visionaries who have a desire to love on the world one person at a time through education, sharing and support.

Olga B.

The Pure Senzes community welcome you as family and never give up on you. They’re the push (sometimes kick) you need in life to reach your full potential. It’s not often other people want to see you succeed, Pure Senzes not only wants to see you succeed, but they help you get there. It’s definitely a privilege to be apart of such an uplifting community.

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