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Launette Gibson Jarema

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My name is Launette, I've in Barrie area for 19 yearsrs. I'm a mMom of 2 beautiful girls. I wear many hats, have many skills to offer because I'm a sponge for knowledge!

My Story

Hi my name is Launette Gibson Jarema and I’m a Mom of two lovely girls and a smiley school bus driver. I’m so excited to share my passion for Young Living with you. I was introduced to it while attending an event at the Angus Arena by the one and only DIY Queen Diane Chenard. At the time my eczema flair ups were at their all time worst and I was able to get a sample of cream from Diane. After using it the cream guess what happened…IT WORKED!!!! I was so amazed with how much it helped so I needed to learn more. So what did I do? I continued going to more events and I was so intrigued that I had to sign up despite money being tight at the time. Since then I’ve learned so much more and I’ve got so many testimonials that I would love to share with you including my weight loss journey. Young Living has changed mine and my girls lives in so many way and for that I’m truly grateful. Please contact me if you want to learn more, I would love to help.

My Referral Link 

By setting up your FREE Young Living account with me as your sponsor and enroller, I will be here to help and support you to achieve your wellness goals. Young Living is all about Wellness, Purpose and Abundance so don’t wait and start being the best version of yourself today.

Tel: 705-220-3435

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