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Essential oils you say, what’s all the hype about? 


I’m sure over the years whenever you’ve been out and about you’ve seen these tiny little bottles of essential oils popping up everywhere. At the mall, at health food stores and even at Winners, Walmart and grocery stores.  So, what’s the deal with these anyways right? Well did you know that these tiny bottles are not just fun little things that smell good or look good on a coffee table, they are here to support your health provided they are good quality. 


Essential oils when distilled properly are pure plant essences that have been used since the beginning of time to help support the body and use in a wellness routine for optimal health. Our modern day lifestyles doesn’t always create optimal conditions for the body. Poor diet, lack of exercise and an overabundance of environmental toxins can leave the body unbalanced and diminish energy levels. This is where essential oils come in. They are not just used at a spa, or a massage or in expensive body care products. They can be used to support the body everyday by ordinary people just like you and I. 


So why the discrepancies in price? 


Have you heard the old adage “you get what you pay for” and in many cases this is true but we’ll delve more into that later. For now, know that there is a huge difference in the market when it comes to quality. You can not only smell the difference but you’ll feel the difference. 

Here is a video link of an online class taught by Jasmine Phong,

a Certified Aromatherapy Coach, an Advanced Harmonics Practitioner:

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