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Congratulations on deciding to join Young Living. It couldn’t be easier to get started today. Connect with the person who introduced you to Young Living and they would be more than happy to assist you. 


If they haven’t already done so, ask them to kindly send you their personalized link and you’re just a few clicks away from your new oily lifestyle. This will then take you to the sign up page. Here you’ll be able to customize your options on how you want to get started. You can buy a starter kit or not. We personally love it and so will you - it’s truly the best way to get to know your oils.


Something to keep in mind is that this is an amazing start to your wellness journey and you want to enroll with someone who you know will support you along the way. The more you delve into this and start loving on all the fantastic products you’ll realize that this is a total lifestyle transformation and you will want a solid accountability partner to run with. 


We truly can’t wait for you to get started and see your smiling face at our many events both in person and online. 

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