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Jasmine Phong

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A little about me I’m a mother not only to 2 wonderful humans, I love simple living. I enjoy growing my own food, wrapping stone jewelries, reading and experimenting on vegan menu.

My favourite thing about Young Living is I can trust this company fully. 

I never have to worry about any hidden chemicals, and I have the security of knowing I can safely make my own products with my oils such as creams, rollers and sprays and be comfortable using them on my children and pets.

My Story

Hello there, I would like to take the opportunity to introduce myself to you. My name is Jasmine Phong and I love all things pure and natural. When I found Young Living in 2013, I was so touched and impressed by many small and large wins in within my life and family. I started sharing about this passion to others and watched them grow into an international community. This allowed me to travel all over the world with my family. I founded Pure Senzes with a mission to share my love for natural wellness, essential oils, and living a  wellness based lifestyle. It is my joy and complete honour to empower and lead others. It has been a fun and abundant journey ever since.

Young Living products are the only brand I use in my home. Having over 10 years of experience with the products, I am very familiar with how to use them safely and how to maximize their benefits. I am also a Certified Instructor for the Chemistry of Essential Oils, along with Vitaflex and Raindrop Technique. I teach classes to empower others to be able share and love on others just as I have. The testimonials that come out of these remarkable techniques is beyond heart warming and life changing.


A few times a year, I teach the Ancient Oils of the Bible with great reverence. I love that the garment of our Messiah are fragrant with myrrh, cassia, and aloes (also know as sandalwood). (Psalms 45:8)

Join me on this journey of discovery, to find out for yourself some of these treasures that are made to help us with our day to day living. I enjoy helping curious minds that have the passion to learn. If ever I don't know the answer, either myself or a member of our fantastic team will find out... I believe in empowerment. If we know better than we can be better.

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By setting up your FREE Young Living account with me as your sponsor and enroller, I will be here to help and support you to achieve your wellness goals. Young Living is all about Wellness, Purpose and Abundance so don’t wait and start being the best version of yourself today.

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