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Patricia Murray

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Hi I’m Pat and I’m a mother of 2 grown men and a granddaughter. I’m a retired nurse and still love learning about health and any ways I can better my life, to stay healthy. I had a “different childhood” because of my “allergies and eczema” which helped me learn to start reading labels at a very young age. This also helped me become a “very aware” parent. I read all labels of products I used and food we would eat. It wasn’t until November 2017, when I discovered Young Living that I realized what toxins, I still had in our lives that changed my life and the life of my son’s.

My Story

In November 2017, I was invited to a house get together where we were going to make our own face cream with essential oils. I loved the information I received that evening. I’d been having a lot of pain in my lower back, due to an injury, and wanted something other than Narcotics to relieve the pain. Laura suggested we try, Panaway. I felt relief right away. I purchased Panaway that evening and from there went on my investigative journey of finding out everything I possible could about Young Living. I researched and went to Salt Lake City, Utah. I saw the farms, the distillation of some oils and the lab where the oils were tested. I then purchased the Starter Bundle and tried every oil and read about each one. I was now convinced that this was the path I was meant to be on and started sharing my love of Young Living with family and friends. With all of my medical background this just felt right! I continue to learn with the help of our Pure Senzes group and all of the books and classes that are available to me. If you’re looking for alternative ways of relieving pain, changing up your skin care products, making sure your supplements are natural and doing what they say they do or swapping out your toxic cleaning products with things that are safe for your children and pets, then contact me and we can have a coffee together and see how this may fit into your life.

My Referral Link 

Tel: 705-726-8090

By setting up your FREE Young Living account with me as your sponsor and enroller, I will be here to help and support you to achieve your wellness goals. Young Living is all about Wellness, Purpose and Abundance so don’t wait and start being the best version of yourself today.

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