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Essential oils can be used in many ways. The ones we would like to discuss today are Diffusing/Aromatically,  Inhaling, using topically and through food flavouring. 


Young Living has a stellar line of diffusers. We have no doubt you will find one that will suit your exact needs. Diffusing for a few minutes a day with an oil that appeals to your senses is an excellent way to start. The diffuser takes the goodness from the oil and disperses it into your environment. And it’s not just a lovely scent but has a world of benefits. 


Inhaling can be as simple as adding a few drops of oils in your hands and cupping your nose to enjoy the amazing aroma. 


Topically oils can be used directly on the skin. Some great places to use oils are on the bottoms of your feet, at pulse points and also on your spine. 


I bet you don’t readily think of using essential oils as food flavouring right? We are so blessed that Young Living has a large assortment of plus oils that you can readily add to your favourite foods and beverages. And a little known fact…a little goes a long way and it enhances and takes your palate to the next level. 

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