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Janet Tonello

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An Entrepreneur/Self Employed Business Owner of 30+ years, a Wellness Brand Partner for Young Living since 2015, Mom of 3 fabulous kids, nama/grandma to 8 very rambunctious, glorious grandkids! Doing my best to better my life, my health and my emotional wellbeing by learning and applying what I’ve learned into my everyday life. The PureSenzes Wellness Community has been an integral support and educational resource for my continual growth…one day at a time, always a work in progress--like each and everyone of us in this wellness community! 


I’m here to do the same for you…to listen, to assist, to give you a hug and a nudge forward towards your improved health journey.

My Story

Back in 2015, a girlfriend invited me into her home to share her new wellness regime with me. Although I was interested in what she was doing to better her health, to be honest, more than anything--I wanted my home to smell like hers. 


I bought the Starter Bundle, my office and home were filled with a heavenly aroma, and my wellness story began.


As I continued to diffuse and apply the essential oils/products and the education into my everyday life, my anxiety issues started to subside, my sleep was improved and I felt more grounded than I had in years. Was it attributed to these essential oils? You bet! 


I wanted to learn more…to experience more…and more! My journey had just begun.


I shared my love for this company with someone, they shared with someone, they shared with someone…and so on. That’s usually what happens when needs are met! Although there is no pressure to share with anyone, I am quite certain you’ll do the same.


Allow my story to inspire your story, whatever it may be.


How can I help?

My Referral Link 


By setting up your FREE Young Living account with me as your sponsor and enroller, I will be here to help and support you to achieve your wellness goals. Young Living is all about Wellness, Purpose and Abundance so don’t wait and start being the best version of yourself today.

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